A good cup of organic tea to overcome winter

Tea is a drink whose preparation is an art. There are different kinds of them. It is both one of the pleasures offered by the palate, and the natural solution for anyone wanting to resort to herbal medicine. In winter, the drop in temperature weakens the human immune system. Consumption of organic tea or other herbal teas is, according to some, one of the most recurrent solutions for maintaining health balance.

Organic teas and herbal teas: the nuances

Although they are made up of herbs of all kinds, organic teas and herbal teas differ in terms of their active ingredients. Herbal teas are essentially organic herbal teas or herbal extracts. They are brought to a boil or used in infusions. They do not contain theine and make use of certain spices and herbs used in cooking. Tea is an energy drink, derived from the leaves of the tea tree. It contains theine and theanine, active ingredients that reduce mental stress and strengthen physical fitness. Herbal teas and teas retain the virtues of the plants that make them up.

Green tea, black tea: differentiation

There are different types of tea. They are recognizable mainly by color. While some are white or red, the best known are black tea and green tea. The major difference between these two teas is the duration of oxidation. For green tea, the leaves are quickly exposed to heat to fight against aging and for black tea, they are exposed to a certain concentration of moisture over a short period of time in order to promote said aging.

Some virtues of organic teas and herbal teas in winter

Taking one or more cups of herbal tea or organic tea during winter periods provides an answer to many cold-related stresses. First of all, remember that this period is conducive to eating fatty foods that have a detrimental effect on the skin, digestion and health, although the fat protects against intense cold. Herbal teas and teas provide the body with enough water to moisturize the skin and fight against aging. Hot drinks fight against fat build-up and serve to restore dynamism in sluggish times, thus combating torpor and bad mood. A good infusion of ginger or peppermint is effective against colds or to unclog the bronchi. In general, depending on their compositions their effects are disputed, but herbal teas, green teas and black teas, provide the body with the extra vitamins it so desperately needs. 

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