Come and discover GENMAICHA

Discovering GENMAICHA

Do you love tea flavors? Do you know GENMAICHA? Have you ever tried it? If not, then this is the best opportunity to discover what GENMAICHA is with its delicious fragrance. Then read this article and discover the essentials about GENMAICHA.

Origins of GENMAICHA

 GENMAICHA is a tea of ​​Japanese origin. It is a mixture of several varieties of green teas and grilled rice grains. GENMAICHA was originally considered to be the poor people's tea, because the latter do not have enough means to buy aromas to add to their teas. They often added a little rice. These grains of rice perfumed the hot water and more or less brought out the smell and taste of GENMAICHA.

According to some historians, GENMAICHA was born following the clumsiness of a Japanese slave. This slave inadvertently dropped a few grains of rice into his master's tea while the latter quenched his thirst. Furious at this clumsiness, the master cut off the head of his slave with a broad-bladed saber. It was only after tasting the tea containing the rice grains that he discovered that this tea was much more fragrant and that it tasted very good. Regretting his act for a few moments of remorse, the master gave the name of this poor tea slave hence the name of GENMAICHA.

Today, this tea has undergone improvement and modernization and is consumed by a multitude of people at Japan, China, France, Turkey, etc.

There are different varieties of GENMAICHA which depend on the type of tea they are made of. The composition of GENMAICHA therefore differs from one house to another. So it is used from matcha  in certain houses or sencha  in other.

Characteristics of GENMAICHA

GENMAICHA is a drink rich in nutrients  and in active compounds. Whatever type of tea we use (green tea, matcha, sencha, etc.), GENMAICHA is always composed:

  • antioxidants;
  • vitamins A and B;
  • phosphorus;
  • magnesium;
  • manganese;
  • of copper ;
  • main components of brown rice, puffed and roasted.

Special feature of GENMAICHA

The special feature of GENMAICHA is its rice grain composition. The grains of rice that GENMAICHA contains are generally brown  and grilled. It is these grains of rice that bring a special taste to the tea. Indeed, the grains of rice are previously heated  and that's why in tea, you will notice that some grains open like corn kernels which are used to make popcorn.

It is therefore this presence of rice and its transformation which gives a pleasant scent and nutty taste  at GENMAICHA.

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