White pepper, black pepper, green pepper or red pepper

Pepper nigrum is a spice familiar to almost everyone. It is used to flavor meat and sauces. It is worth noting that most pepper users usually only use black pepper because it is easier to obtain and more well-known. However, it should be known that pepper, a slightly pungent spice, has the same variety of flavors in different colors. Find different kinds of pepper here to taste!

What's the color of pepper?

Depending on maturity, pepper can be touched in four different colors:

Black pepper

Black pepper is used to prepare several kinds of vegetables in delicious food. For example, with red or white meat vegetables, pepper is usually added after cooking to avoid changes in taste due to heat. Pepper harvested before ripening is exposed to the sun drying process. This method produces black pepper and its peculiar smell and rough and withered texture.

White pepper

Also known as lovely pepper, white pepper is usually added to the cooked food, or just sprinkled with powder when tasting. Because of its neutral color and delicate taste, white pepper is very useful in the preparation of sauces, so white pepper is obtained from Bay drying without mature red skin.

Green pepper and red pepper

Green pepper and red pepper are produced by two completely different processes and have different tastes.

Green pepper was harvested from youwan six months ago. The pulp is used for preparing seasonings, fish and meat. She brought in the taste of fresh food and plants. Red pepper is made from ripe berries and dried in the sun with its red skin. The pepper is mainly used for poultry seasoning, with a pungent taste and a sweet reminder of jam.

How to keep pepper?

No matter what color your pepper is, it's recommended to put it in a dry, sealed jar, and not affected by moisture. On the other hand, fresh green pepper can be frozen in a dry can and sealed. Please note that once the pepper is crushed, its taste and taste will quickly disappear. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in a short time after molding.

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