Our History

Malindo.fr is a brand that has set itself to make its customers travel through the tasting of teas, herbal teas and rooibos. For this we have selected quality BIO products containing only natural flavourings. Our products are manufactured under sustainable and equitable conditions: employee equity, compliance with international labour standards
in force and the constant improvement of working conditions and safety at work in harmony with nature. Our teas deserve their "high-end tea" rating amplely, whether it is quality-related than ethically.

Malindois a brand that came into being between the Badasie and lIndoNesie.

On a trip through these two countries, I had the opportunity to discover the beauty of the teapot fields. These beautiful trees that could be contemplated were present at loss of sight at the edge of the jungle.

It was after I admired these beautiful landscapes that I could enjoy my first tea.

Tasting was an amazing experience on the part of aromas, color, feeling of pleasure... all of this was perfectly balanced. I felt like I was discovering tea for the first time. Following this first tasting, he obviously followed others. I also wanted to learn more about this product: picking, quality, flavourings...

My research was advancing and my affinity for tea was growing. I was very surprised that this product could bring both "benefits" and "pleasure".

In order to share my experience and to uncover this exceptional product, an idea crossed my mind. That's how I made the decision to create my own brand of Thea Bio.

Malindo has selected for you some Bio teas quality, Vegetable fabrics and other infusions, as well as Rooibos.

All products we market are carefully selected.

Malindo is a brand that will make you discover rare teas as well as their history.