Why Malindo?

Malindo organic loose tea

Since October 2016, we have been working to introduce our products: a organic tea  quality, natural herbal teas  with plants, Rooibos  with exquisite flavors and original products like our vegetable herbal teas  and our herbal teas olive leaves.

The organic teas  Malindo were ranked among the best organic teas in France  and are now known up to Guadeloupe. We are committed to our customers to maintain this service and this product quality, and this always with very attractive prices.

Why organic tea?


Organic tea, a multitude of virtues

Beyond the health benefits of tea. The first asset linked to the consumption of organic tea is theno pesticide residue. Indeed, in ordinary crops, the tea plant receives several sprays to protect it from insects. The residues of these products are found later in consumers' cups and are the source of many imbalances.

The cultivation of organic tea thus provides eco-friendly products. Organic tea thus represents the ideal solution to enjoy the benefits antioxidants  of this plant without endangering its health.


Loose tea, for the most demanding

Tea organicin bulk is indicated for demanding people who decide to make their own tea. They will be able to easily combine different varieties  to get the organic tea that best suits them. This tea is also intended for large consumers of organic tea, owners of cafes and restaurants.